We're moving off of Stripe soon to a new payment platform that is friendly for all creators.

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Create wishlists, share with your fans, and receive tips & gifts—all while keeping your personal information secure.

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The best way to receive gifts and tips from your fans

Easily curate your wishlist with products, custom gifts, or cash tips.

Your fans can purchase those gifts, then you can choose to cash out 100% of the gift value, or have the gift delivered to you.

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A privacy-first gifting solution

Share your wishlist and let fans purchase gifts with confidence, knowing your personal information stays private.

Fans can choose to stay anonymous or reveal their identity, allowing you to receive gifts safely without compromising your address or personal details.

Address encrypted with AES-256 encryption
Fans can include their name or stay anonymous
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Full Earnings,
Fast Access

Enjoy the full fruits of your fan's generosity with no deductions – every gift sent is a gift fully earned. Our quick and easy withdrawal system powered by Stripe puts funds directly in your pocket, swiftly and securely.

We're moving off of Stripe to a new payment platform soon that is friendly for all creators.

100% payout on gifts - ZERO withdrawal fee
Chargeback protection
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Your Gifts, Your Way

Customizable Wishlists

Tailor your wishlist with products, experiences, or cash tips, giving your fans a variety of ways to support you.

Private & Secure

Fans can choose to stay anonymous; your personal details stay private.

Easy Payouts & Delivery

Flexible options to cash out through Stripe or have gifts delivered directly to you.

Import wishlists in seconds.

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CartHopper has revolutionized the way I connect with my audience. Instead of a clutter of links, I now have one sleek storefront that showcases all my recommendations. Game changer!

Cody Fisher
YouTube Content Creator

CartHopper's design is a game-changer. It's user-friendly, visually appealing, and aligns perfectly with my brand. It's the future of affiliate marketing

Esther Howard
Tech Reviewer

Tech-wise, CartHopper is a breath of fresh air. It's user-friendly, visually appealing, and the analytics provided help me refine my recommendations like never before.

Eleanor Pena
Lifestyle Blogger

Before CartHopper, chasing brand affiliates was a chore. Now? I simply add products and watch my earnings grow. It's that effortless.

Jane Cooper
Fashion Influencer

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